5 December, 2006: Angers -- A university, a cathedral and a chateau

We had a full day planned for Angers as our exchange program in French is with l'Université Catholique de l'Ouest based in Angers. We began with a longish walk from the train to the university where we met with the person in charge of the international students program. We also were able to spend time with a North Central student who was studying at UCO that term.

After our campus visit we broke for lunch on our own and regrouped at the cathedral. Many students were seeing their first real gothic cathedral and found the experience of being in that space spiritually moving.

By now the storm that would dog us for the next couple of days was moving in. We managed a good visit to the chateau, even walking on the battlements, before we threw in the towel [or our turned inside-out umbrellas] and trained it back to Tours.

A highlight for many of us were the famous Apocalypse Tapestries made in the 12th century and based on the Book of Revelations. The exhibit space was excellent and well worth the time we spent there. We did miss visiting the Jean Lurçat museum across the river, but we WILL get there in 2007!

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