30 November, 2006: Avignon/Nimes

We began our next day in Avignon with a guided tour of the gothic Palais des Papes, built during the popes' exile from Italy in the 14th century. Laurence was our wonderful guide!

Then we dashed down rue de la République to catch the train to Nimes, a very modern city with some Roman sites worth seeing. We saw our second Arena and then the temple, Maison Carré.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to visit the Carrée d'Art just opposite.

Unlike Arles, where the old houses had been built right up to the Roman ruins [including at one time IN the arena!], Nimes was a modern city graciously acknowledging her monuments.

And so we went, back to the train station again! And home to Avignon.

Our experiences with the French rail system were good ones with only a couple of minor glitches. We became pros at finding our train and settling in for our rides.

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