29 November, 2006: Our Day in Arles

There was no rest for the weary as we started our site visits with a full day in Arles, just a short train ride away, but much like a time warp as we were taken back to Roman Arles from the 1st century B.C.E.

We visited the Arena, the Theatre and the Roman Baths. The arena is still in use today for bull-fights [no bull dies fortunately!] We clambered all over the sites with our worksheets in hand.

We saw this sign for the bull lotto on the window of the small cafe where some of us ate a simple and inexpensive lunch -- sitting outside in the sun!

A highlight for many of us was the Romanesque church St. Trophime and its cloister. The poor sinners on the right-hand side of the portal are in chains with flames licking at their feet!

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